A context menu, simpler than your sense of humor

This plugin is a quick solution for a customized Lightweight context menu for your website.

All you need to know

Right Click on this Card !

Or right click in this

Same context that the other down here

Hello !

Same context that the other up here

Hello 2!

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Do you like the context menu of Youtube?

The context menu of the youtube player is awesome isn't? Now you can implement you own with Our Context Menu, just load the youtube theme and initialize our context menu.

The context menu of the video is of youtube, the others are initialized by Our Context Menu

Dynamic context according to content

The following example uses 1 initialization of Our Context Menu but the content is dinamically changed according to the item that we select.

  • play_arrow Don't stop me now

    The platinum collection Album

  • play_arrow Bohemian Rhapsody

    A night in the opera

  • play_arrow I'm going slightly mad

    The platinum collection Album


To change items dinamically change them on the beforeShow event in initialization.

More themes available in the repository
There are a lot of colors and flavors

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